Well.. after a while, I was just trying to go a full year without one post on my blog. I guess that isnt something to be too proud of, but my birthday resolution (October 28th) is to be the best blogger known to man. Have you tried to blog?… it takes dedication. Unfortunately, I prioritized posting and editing images for my clients before my blog. Here ya go .. resolution … clients, you will just have to wait longer!!! hahah

2010 has been quite a year for me. Since I have almost 12 month to recap on.. I will make this as short as possible.

-I moved my office to Federal Hill and my home down the street- still on Jackson St. My studio is now out of my basement and I love it. I can go to work in my PJs and walk upstairs to make lunch. I love working from home, the problem is I never stop. Today I had my first downfall of working in my dungeon.. a ROACH on my sleeve. I guess its the price you pay for living in the city but what I want to know is… how did it manage to get my sleeve before I noticed it??

-June was a very tough month. My grandmother passed away. She was one of the most wonderful women and I contribute my love of butter and cream to her. She battled a lot of illness over her life and did it with grace. Her death was even harder to deal with as she is my father’s mother. My dad passed away three years ago from cancer and loosing her made me miss him even more. The following week my aunt passed away. I cannot tell you the strength of my grandfather, to loose your wife and sister in less than two weeks. Needless to say, it was tough and I thank all of my clients to the ends of the earth for being so patient with me, as I know as was late in posting many weddings.

-I hired Lee, my assistant. I grew up swimming and living my summers at Campus Cabana. Lee’s sister Melissa was one of  ‘the posse’ as my mom used to call my group of friends. I was so honored when Melissa asked me to photographer her wedding to Lars last year. I also was blessed to photograph another Campus Cabana-er’s wedding, Bill and Claire’s wedding this past May on the Eastern Shore. Lee was a guest. We got to talking and who knew he liked editing! He started with me in June and its been bliss since. He is the muscle behind the photos. Although I have to share him with the University of MD, College Park, he makes my life a lot more enjoyable. I never knew I sneezed more than 10x a day and talk to myself on a regular basis until he was so kind enough to point it out to me.

-My sister and best friend is expecting baby #3. She is a baby machine. Jameson just turned 3 the beginning of Oct and Tucker turned 1 in July. Her c-section is scheduled for 1-11-11. How fun would that be? I am so excited to continue in our tradition of taking a week off to help her once her husband goes back to work. Note: I will be taking a week off in January. I also get Jameson & Tucker when they are in the hospital.

-My associate photographer Helen has EXPLODED. I am so happy that her amazingness has caught on like wildfire. Together we are shooting over 60 weddings this year (hence the reason I need Lee).

-Two of my best friends got MARRIED. Not only is my professional life weddings, this year so was my personal. Jessica, my best friend since middle school, married one of my other best friends Tommy. Crazy. It was gorgeous and I was so excited to witness such an amazing union. Holly, my best friend and neighbor since I was 3, married her sweetheart Tom. I was so honored to be her Maid of Honor…. but let me tell you… being on that side of the fence is HARD. Give it up to MOH’s- its a tough job!

-I have a new logo.. thank you to the amazing Heather Keating with Case In Point Creative.

-I traveled to Massachutes, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, & many times to Philly for weddings. I went to LA for a family shoot. I went to Hilton Head for Easter and Deep Creek for a ski weekend (in a blizzared).

Although 2010 was hard… and I ready to finish it with a bang.

My mom & I dancing at Holly's wedding

Woop Woop to blogging 🙂

Don't be left out!!!


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