Meet heleN

I am happiest with a camera in my hands…Whether it is photographing a wedding, engagement session, newborn session or family portraits, I love the opportunity  to “pause life” – for a split second – and give that moment back to you as a memory. 

My mother “volunteered” me to photograph my first wedding, as a sophomore at the Rochester Institute of Technology… (as if a kid studying photojournalism, who also wanted to photograph for Sports Illustrated, had any clue of what to photograph at a wedding!) I guess  it proves that moms do know best, as years later (we won’t say how many years…), I am still photographing weddings and loving every minute of it!

Helping is in my nature. So while my job is to photograph your special day or event, I can often be found helping a bride get into her dress, sewing a button on a groomsmen’ jacket, pinning on boutonnieres, soothing a newborn, or entertaining the ring bearer who is pretty bored by the wedding hype in addition to capturing the day. No matter what the event or milestone is,  I simply enjoy capturing those moments for you. For me, it is all about telling your story and being a witness to those moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.